Eleni Meraki - Life & Business Coach


Eleni Meraki is a life & business coach, multiple online entrepreneur, and writer, and has devoted her life to assisting people on their journeys to living a more authentic and happy life. She has coached and interviewed hundreds of people on their journeys of transformation towards a more meaningful life and conscious business making.

Walking her talk, Eleni has undergone multiple life-metamorphoses herself, built a coaching & lifestyle platform for conscious women, a storytelling platform, is partner of a conscious business agency and created several roadmap life and metamorphosis coaching programs.

Eleni is also an official XpatAthens content contributor - we're grateful to have her contribution to our community.

Visit Eleni's Websites

Eleni Meraki: www.elenimeraki.com
Guts & Tales: www.gutsandtales.com
By Your Own Muse: www.beyourownmuse.com