Omilo Greek Language and Culture


Since 1997, The OMILO school successfully organizes “Greek Language and Culture Courses” in Athens, Nafplion and on the islands Lefkada, and Syros.

Omilo is about inspiring and motivating people to learn Greek. With a Greek course at Omilo, you will learn to speak Greek, improve your grammar, enlarge your vocabulary and at the same time gain a better understanding of contemporary Greek life through cultural activities. Our stimulating Greek classes will provide you with an ideal mix of learning and fun.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You love Greece and you want to explore more of this beautiful country and its culture…
  • When visiting or living in Greece, you rely on English when in reality you would like to be able to speak Greek…
  • You have been studying Greek for some time but you need that extra boost of confidence to understand and speak it

If you want to learn and speak Greek, Omilo would be happy to help you.

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For those living in Athens, the OMILO school is located in Maroussi, northern Athens, at 300 meters from the MAROUSSI metro station. We offer 1- or 2-week group courses, in combination with cultural activities, as well as private lessons between September and June. 

Besides our 1- and 2-week group courses in various locations in Greece, we also create online content to help our students further expand their language skills through:

Greek Language Books
Greek Workbooks
Easy Readers
eBooks About Greek Culture
Online Greek courses

The idea is to learn how to speak Greek while delving into all the aspects of Greek life – from modern lifestyle and culture, to history, literature, traditions, and many more.

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