Study In Greece


Who We Are

Study in Greece is the official web portal of the Greek state, providing information and support regarding studying and living in Greece, to:
  • Domestic and international students who wish to, or already study in Greece for a higher education degree.

  • Students who participate to exchange programs, such as Erasmus+.

  • Refugees , immigrants and those who need international assistance, in order to foster integration into the Greek education system.

  • Any other case of students, or potential students.
It is an initiative taken by a group of Faculty members and University students. It is under the auspices of the Greek Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education Research and Religious Affairs , both having a link to the "Study In Greece" portal on their websites homepages. A link to the portal is available on all Greek embassies webpages.

Our Incentives

Our international students expressed and described the difficulties they faced during all stages of applying, registering and settling in Greece. This, provided the motivation to form the Study In Greece group and start working on the gathering and the provision of information to international students, showing that Greece is a very friendly and a very safe destination. The initiative has gained very high popularity among potential and existing international students, a fact that is supported by the large number of questions and ‘likes’ we have through our presence in the social networks.

Our Vision
  • Contribute to the international spread of the Greek culture.

  • Support in making Greece a favorite destination for higher studies among international students and for all levels of higher education.

  • Extend the provided information and support to include refugees and people seeking international protection.

  • Expand the group and create a network of students and faculty members across all higher education institutions in Greece.

  • Create a European and International network of higher education institutions to support student mobility.

  • Serve as the main portal providing information and support, even at the individual level, for international students.

  • Provide continuously updated information regarding the higher education news, like new postgraduate programs announcements, legislation, news, etc.
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