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These groups are for English-speakers living in Athens posted by others on Facebook. We are not responsible for the content nor if they are no longer valid.
This group is a place for you to communicate with other girls in that are in the same boat as you. You can ask questions, share ideas, post fun events, anything really! The idea is to have a sense of community while living away from 'home'. Oh, and meet up for drinks ;)
This is a group with the purpose of getting people of similar cultural backgrounds all together, on and off Facebook. It does not serve as an advertising group. Prime interest is to bring people together and to have fun.
"We want to share and to experience things you love to do."We are a global socialising society for people, who want to share and experience social outings and events we all love to do; in the pursuit of fun, friendship, fulfilment and wellbeing.
This page was created so that people who are composting in Greece will have a place to ask questions, share ideas and promote composting to others who have not started. Posts in both Greek and English are encouraged.
Expats from any countries living (and working) in Greece. Tips about the day-day life, jobs, events.

Find a Job in Athens
This group was created to help people find a job in Athens, Greece. If you are looking for some work, if you are aware of some open vacancy or maybe you are in a position to offer a job - please share this information here and hopefully, it will change your or someone else's life :-)

A networking group for all us foreign girls/women who for one reason ( a man? ) or another (job, adventure?) have ended up living in Greece.
We will arrange Girls' Nights where life in Greece can be discussed, wine enjoyed, etc etc. Most important for this group and any events arranged is: the more the merrier! So please invite any of your foreign girlfriends to join the group!!!
The group is created for foreigners living in Greece and Greeks to get in touch, exchange ideas, impressions about their startups, the challenges, achievements, and any useful information to get around.
Being a "new mother-to-be" I found myself with soooo many questions and very few clear cut answers as to how to approach this new chapter of my life here in Athens. So thought I would start this offshoot to "foreign girls living in Athens" and create a group where mothers and pregnant women can exchange advice and experiences.
A Group where you FINALLY can advertise to your heart's desire, without feeling bad about hogging the page!!! Only small businesses, home based with arts&crafts or services offered, like home manicures etc. No selling of homes, clothes other single items to be advertised. Thank you. This is primarily a promotional group to support small and new business ideas :-)
If you have a dishwasher, a dining table or even a TV that you no longer want, post it in the group for others to see. This group is for furniture, furnishings and household goods ONLY!! ATHENS, GREECE!!
Greek Australian Friendship (Since 2008) Where Everyday Information And News Update Greeks On Both Sides Of The Planet.
This is a group that welcomes Blokes and Sheilas from Down Under who have made the big move and now LIVE OUT IN THE STICKS (greece). So if your FAIR DINKUM and are willing to 'HAVE A GO YOU MUG' come join the rest of the FLAMING GALAHS and be a SPORT MATE.
This group is for books ONLY. Whatever book you have from children's to horror, you will find them here! Books have to be in good condition. ATHENS, GREECE!
The International Club was formed to give a regular meeting point for foreigners, Greeks born abroad and Greeks living in Athens. The idea of this group is that is that members can meet the other foreigners living in this city, make friends and create a network together. Most of all though, it's to have fun!

International and Greek Women living in Athens. A group where you can meet other ladies from around the world or around Greece. We're here to support each other and help out with ideas, get-togethers, and friendship.
THIS IS A CALL TO ALL LIGHTWORKERS IN GREECE... we are coming together and combining our gifts, skills and energies to consciously co-create the change we wish to see in the world, in our communities and in ourselves... as a group of unique individuals... AND as the ONE we already are.
Newcomers (NBTS) is a social, self-help group who live in the southern suburbs of Athens and who have English as a common language. While the name suggests it is for people new to Greece, people not new to Greece are welcome to come and offer support to newcomers, and help the group function effectively. A base support system of experienced members is necessary for the group to function effectively. It is run solely by the volunteer activities of members of the group.
Buy, Sell, Trade, Giveaway- Athens
This group is for you to sell & buy anything that's electronic from laptops to mobile phones. ATHENS, GREECE!!
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