The Ark Οf Τhe World


The «Ark of the World» is a Charitable Nonprofit Organisation providing special care and protection to mothers and children.

It is first and foremost intended and addressed to young unprotected children, most of whom come from single-parent families, and to many children without parents, who experience difficult circumstances,  neglect, abandonment, lack of medical care and uncertain future.  
The Ark fully covers and takes care of unprotected children.. In collaboration with Prosecutors for Children, protection agencies and services for children’s rights, it undertakes to raise children in its four (at present) accommodation homes. They are children (infanthood to adulthood) who have been subjected to abuse, neglect and very bad living conditions. Children live in large homes with instructors and care givers for their everyday life, like a large family, without any reminders of institutional care.

A primary concern of the Ark is not to separate the family when there is parent interest in and capable of taking care of the child. Single-parent families with serious financial and social problems calling on our services can find support for their very basic needs, such as food, clothes, medical care and everything they need to live with dignity. At the same time, families receive counseling services, take part in parents’ groups led by family relations specialists and receive information on training programmes in order to be empowered to take responsibility of their children.

The Ark of the World was established in 1998 in Athens by 26-year-old Father Antonios Papanikolaou, who was armed with love for children, a selfless need to give and the desire to create a nest of affection and care for children, young people and parents in need, living in the crevices of society, in “another” Athens at the region of Akadimia Platonos.

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