Who we are: 

 is a newly established Non-Profit Organization that aims to improve the psychosocial health of cancer patients in Greece and to promote the holistic approach of cancer.

What we do: 

  • We provide meaningful, creative and educational activities to cancer patients and their caretakers in welcoming and cozy spaces in Greek hospitals
  • We organize forums and events to promote psychosocial and psychosomatic care of cancer patients in Greece - 2017 Forum: Psychosomatic care in Cancer: Empathy, Understanding and Communication
  • We encourage patients and survivors to share their story on Scars & Scarves blog in order to destigmatize cancer
  • We provide tips on side effects’ management, nutrition, physical activity and personal care
  • We participate in the annual Greece Race for the Cure Marathon organized by Alma Zois, under the Untouchables team that Emma created in 2014
We aim to:
  • Empower patients, their families and their caretakers through creative and educational offered in hospitals
  • Build a community that will foster resilience, quality of life and normality using creativity and learning as tools
  • Eliminate stigma toward and encourage community support for patients
  • Raise funds for research purposes to help cure cancer
We envision to
  • Make hospital visits and stays more constructive, fun and less unpleasant
  • Encourage patients and caretakers to engage in creative activities and therefore to express their feelings through them
  • Strengthen their sense of productivity/staying active and creative
  • Create welcoming spaces in hospital facilities fostering the development of a community that encourages patients to share their story and to lead a normal life
  • Eliminate social stigma towards cancerShape patient-centered healthcare.