iforU Mentoring Network


iforU is a non-profit organization for the empowerment and support of young women entrepreneurs through Mentoring & Networking. We are targeted to women that have recently started their business or have had their own business for a while but are ready to take it to the next level. Our vision is to see women in Greece achieve their full potential in business, playing an important part in the new order of things.

Our Tools

The Mentoring Program:

There comes a time when an anthill may look like a molehill to most of us; that's when you need someone to take you by the hand and show you how it's done. Our mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs and educators whose experience and insights will help you see things in a different light, encouraging you in your everyday quest for success.

Conferences, seminars, workshops and other offline activities:

Starting with our first conference in May 2012, iforU offers a variety of opportunities for learning, sharing and networking, in Greece and abroad. Our relationship and involvement with social and professional networks on a local and international level allows us to share knowledge and expertise with women entrepreneurs around the globe and to utilize it for the empowerment of young female entrepreneurs in Greece.


  • Title: iforU Mentoring Network
  • Telephone: 210 6892151
  • Email: info@iforu.gr
  • Website: www.iforu.gr
  • Address: 20 Dimitros Str, Kifissia, Greece