Awesome Athens Experiences


Hello everyone!

We are the @greek_couple_travellers from Instagram, or simply Kalliopi and Thomas!

We got married in the summer of 2019 and even though we grew up in completely opposite suburbs of Athens we now live in the historic district of Kerameikos to the west of the Acropolis, only a five-minute walk from the greatest ancient cemetery of this city.

Although we share many common passions, our greatest one is our love for street art, urban exploration, history, and travel! In recent years we have organized a huge number of artistic walks both in and around the city.

Our interest in artistic creation/street art worldwide but particularly in our hometown Athens, started several years ago and has grown significantly in recent years, ever since we moved to downtown Athens. Only a breath away and within walking distance from all the hip, cool, alternative, retro, and traditional Greek neighborhoods, each with their own unique character, we have the opportunity to explore all of the neighborhoods’ large and small streets and have unlimited access to all the wonderful street art surrounding them, which is what inspired our photo collection.

We hope you like our journeys through art and if you share the same passion as we do we look forward to meeting you soon!