Female Dog Looking For Its Owner In Rafina Area


A few weeks ago this little female dog was found in Rafina. Through our search, we got the information that this dog was supposed to travel by plane (El. Venizelos Airport) but was not allowed because it was exciding the acceptable weight for dogs in the cabin, and was left to be taken care of by the local animal refuge until the return of its owner.

But there was some confusion, the dog got lost and nobody has the contact number of its owner. The only thing we know is that the owner is a foreigner living in Greece looking for her, but not leaving his contact number anywhere…

She is very friendly, 6-7 years old, neutered, recently had an operation done (one of her suckers has been removed). She is used to living in a house, comfortable with the leash, very sweet, tender and beautiful with a shiny blond color! She is chipped, but without the owner’s directions!

Please help us reunite her with her family! Please call 6944511951 or  6971685329
Post Date: 02/12/2019