Doggy For Adoption


Mellios (Honey) is a doggy with the heart of a puppy that has been through so much. He was found abused in Crete as a puppy and got adopted by a man in Athens, who decided after a couple of years to get married and handed him over to his future bride.

From an unknown cause Mellios lost a part of his paw, which, most probably because of lack of proper care never healed, so Mellios was led to the vet in July 2016 to be euthanized. And there our story begins, as Mellios was removed by this owner, spent months in vet clinics, paid keepers and lately foster care which was not blessed to become an adoption.

Mellios is now 7+ years old, around 35 kgs, wants a spot to claim his own, good food for dogs with allergies, a paw boot during his walk, a bath once a month as he has oily skin, and does love to hang around everyone, although with cats he will need some adjustment time.

This is Mellios, he only gives unconditional love, he doesn't hold any grudges (although we do against the people who have hurt him and have given him false promises), and he will be given with a full and responsible signed adoption contract to a person who will cherish him and respect our efforts and will not want to shut us (who really adore him and weren't for our lack of housing would have adopted him from the first second) out. It is a shame that this beautiful loving creature is still begging for love.
Post Date: 17/09/2019