Yoleni's Greek Flavors



After years of traveling around Greece, Yoleni’s, the leading Greek online delicatessen in the European and the US markets, has gathered more than 1000 carefully selected, artisanal products from 180 prestigious local producers, with a view to making Greek flavors known all around the globe.

Its Flagship store, “Yoleni’s Greek Gastronomy center” an 8600 ft2 multiplex extended on 7 floors, was launched in 2016 in the center of downtown Athens. This city's go-to destination aims to give visitors the ability to explore all aspects of the Greek gastronomic culture and heritage through numerous experiences.

Following the success of Yoleni’s Greek Gastronomy center, the first physical retail store in the US was launched in May 2018 in Providence, Rhode Island, in an 1895 landmark building. This is the first of many steps towards Yoleni’s global expansion.

The vision of the Yoleni's family is to make the high-quality products that our country generously offers and of course their remarkable producers, known all around the world! The company’s philosophy is that, in order to achieve this, an absolute priority must be given to the visitor-consumer, offering him the most representative experience of Greek Gastronomy through 2 channels: Yoleni's online store and its physical stores around the world.