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Great Greek Women Trailblazers: Greek-English Parallel Text


Welcome to Great Greek Women Trailblazers: Greek-English Parallel Text!

This book was designed for the Greek language student as well as the lover of Greece and Modern Greek history. It is a convenient dual-language book that features six short biographies of the most influential Greek women in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These include Kalliroi Parren, who started the Greek feminist movement, and was the first female publisher; Angeliki Panagiotatou, the first Greek female doctor to graduate from and teach at the Athens Medical School; and Elizabeth Moutzan-Martinegou, modern Greece’s first female literary writer.

Each intriguing biography is presented in three different ways:
  • As a Greek-English parallel text
  • In Greek only (for the advanced Greek language learner)
  • In English only (for the advanced English language learner)
Students of the Greek language will find this parallel-text book time-saving and extremely helpful.

Students of English whose first language is Greek can also use this book to improve their English. For this reason, a Greek introduction has also been included in the book.

Because the Greek and English text follow each other sentence by sentence, you will save yourself the trouble of having to look up any unknown words in the dictionary. As a result, you’ll find your reading experience all the more enjoyable and educational.

Benefits of Bilingual Books
  • They are convenient. You can pick up this book and read it any time, at any location, and on your own schedule.
  • Your vocabulary and language skills will improve, making you a better reader and writer, speaker, and listener.
  • You can learn a lot from reading a book in your target language. Our new parallel text series are all non-fiction and will feature interesting and real topics so that you may benefit not only from the book’s language, but also from its message.
  • People have been using parallel text books to learn new languages for years as they are an invaluable educational tool. 
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