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The Big Book Of Bilingual Word Search Puzzles In English & Greek


This volume of bilingual word search puzzles in English and Greek is perfect for beginners.

It features vocabulary words for over 60 different topics with 12 English words and 12 Greek words to find for each topic.

In total, there are over 600 Greek terms for you to learn! By filling in one Word Search puzzle per day, you will also get the opportunity to expand your vocabulary, improve your spelling, take a break from the screen, and have some fun.

The Benefits of Word Search Puzzles Word search puzzles are a great learning tool and a fun way to review and reinforce vocabulary.

The process of search and recognition of letters and words helps to improve and practice spelling.

When you come across a word that you don’t know, write the definition next to it and you will also learn new words along the way! Plus, you can take these puzzles anywhere.

They are a quiet way to keep yourself amused no matter where you are. No charging necessary.

If you’re learning English as a second (or third) language, you will also love this book. 77 pages - Solutions for all the puzzles are included.

Perfect for ages 7 to 107.
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