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Vourgareli Village is the seat of the Municipality of Athamania, below the peaks of Eastern Tzoumerka at an altitude of 750m. The amphitheatric houses, with tiled roofs of the newest or covered with plates the oldest, spread out in the side in green or white at the cold winter days. In an elevated paved square are the parish church of St. Nicholas and the memorial monument. Just above the square, you can find the stone fountains "Archonto" and "Crystallo", with four and seven 'mouths', respectively, elegant examples of traditional masterful use of stone, a great treasure - an identification of the village.
Near the village Vourgareli, is the village Skiadades, the birthplace of Professor Christos Lambrakis, founder of the Modern Language headquarters in Geneva.
The Red Church of 1821, located in the village Paleochori of Vourgareli, known as Panagia Vella, a leading Tzoumerka Byzantine monument, which dates to the late 12th century and its name is probably from the red and black bricks that decorate the exterior walls of the monument. It is an exquisite specimen of art; it is a cross-shaped church with no dome on the type of ministry with diverse housing, and at the east it ends in a three-sided apse.

The Monastery of St. George of 1974. During the Turkish occupation, it was a spiritual and religious center, home supply and support of the population throughout the region Tzoumerka. In the spring of 1821, the chieftains of Tzoumerka, of Rodovizio and Xiromero were gathered in the monastery, in order to coordinate the fight and declare a revolution in the region of Arta. Vourgareliotes also found the monastery as a shelter when the Germans bombed and burned their village in 1943.

Notable points of interest:

1. the stone arch bridges "Neradogefyro" in Vourgareli, located beneath the playground in Bardis,
2. the bridge near the large fountain on the way to Athamanio,
3. the study of the library in Igglesio with rare books,
4. the taps in the village square called Archonto, Crystallo and Leptokaria down at the health center.

Participate in events:

1. Mountain Festival in June
2. Cultural events in 4 to 12 August in Vourgareli Square
3. At local festivals of the Prophet Elias on July 20 in Vourgareli and in the Red Church at 7 to 8 September in Paleochori.


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Thursday, June 27, 2013