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Trekking Hellas Adventure Camps 2012

For more than 22 years, Trekking Hellas Adventure Camps bring to children (8-17 years old) and parents seeking original, authentic, entertaining and educational holidays an incredible experience while surrounded by nature! Through our interesting and well-planned activities combined with mountain, river and water sports, children have the opportunity to develop self-confidence, initiative, sociability and responsibility while having lots of fun at the same time!

For 2012, Trekking Hellas organizes the following programs:

Evritania Adventure Camp: An Authentic Mountain Camp!

Operating since 1992, this camp is situated in the foothills of Mt. Kaliakouda at an altitude of 1400m, in the region of Karpenisi, in central Greece. The camp is set amongst fir trees and natural plateaus ideal for outdoor activities. Campers sleep in igloo type tents enjoying to the maximum the unique nature of the region. The camp offers basic facilities (showers, WC, kitchen, restaurant using the facilities of the mountain refugee of Kaliakouda). From the camp, daily excursions are made to Lake Kremasta, Tavropos or Trikeriotis River, the gorge of Mavri Spilia, Panta Vrehei and other areas. Main activities include trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, rafting, canoeing, via ferata, flying fox, etc.

Pertouli Adventure Camp: An Outdoor Activity Adventure Camp

The region of Kerketio Oros, Mainland Greece and the protected University Forest of Pertouli were chosen by Trekking Hellas to establish the Pertouli Camp, an outdoor activity centre close to Trikala in Thessaly. From the camp, daily excursions are made to Lake Plastira, Meteora, Aspropotamos River, etc. Main activities include trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, rafting, canoeing, orienteering, horse riding, flying fox, etc.


Dance Camp I LOVE TO DANCE – Second Year in Greece!

An unforgettable experience in nature, combining outdoor activities, camp life, new friends with lots of dancing. Trekking Hellas hosts, at its beautiful Pertouli Outdoor Activity Camp, for the second consecutive year, a Summer Dance camp for children who love to dance.

If the first year was a success, the second Trekking Hellas Summer Dance Camp is going to be an even greater sensation! Kids will get acquainted with different styles of dance; they will create their own choreography similar to other Summer Camp Programs followed abroad.

Camp participants follow the daily program of the camp, taking part in most camp activities while the Dance participants follow a rich and demanding dance program in the afternoon. The dance program is practice and theory, discussion, choreography and rehearsals. Most lessons take place in a dance room with the exception of the yoga classes which are done outside.

Dancers will take part in a performance on the last day of camp.

Mt.Parnitha Eco Sports Camp – Activities And Environmental Awareness 1 Hour From Athens!

This program takes place on Mt. Parnitha, just 1 hour drive from the city centre of Athens, using the facilities of Bafi Refuge. Campers stay in berths in the refuge and participate in numerous activities such as trekking, mounting biking, rock climbing, caving, etc. Apart from fun and entertainment, the program focuses a lot on environmental awareness and the protection of nature. Campers participate in volunteer cleaning of the forest, in trash art activities and much more!

Achievement & Leadership Mt.Olympus Challenge 2012 – Aiming High!

This is a high quality youth program at Greece’s highest and most famous mountain, mythical home of the ancient Greek Gods. Under the guidance of one of the most competent Greek climbers (Pavlos Tsiantos – member of the first Greek team to climb Mt Everest), the team will try to conquer Mytikas at 2911m. This 4 day trip involves much more than walking and climbing; it is an experiential leadership and achievement program where all members have to contribute to the achievement of this common goal. Through this mission, children will gain a unique experience which apart from being fun and entertaining, it will help them develop “skills for life” such as communication, teamwork, goal setting, environmental awareness, etc.

International Adventure Sea Kayaking Camp Santorini – Sea Adventures On The Most

Popular Greek Island!A unique adventure for teenagers, on the world-renowned island of Santorini! Under the guidance and watchful eyes of the experienced Trekking Hellas guides you will enjoy rock climbing on the rocks of Perissa, sea kayaking and snorkelling in the Aegean, as well as walking on the famous volcano. Every day you will have the time and opportunity to swim, dive and snorkel, getting acquainted with the fabulous underwater world of Greece.






Evritania & Pertouli







C (3 weeks) 14/7- 4/8


Mt.Parnitha Eco Camp



B: 6-15/7


Dance Camp “ I LOVE TO DANCE’




International Adventure
Sea Kayaking Camp Santorini




Achievement & Leadership
Mt.Olympus Challenge


B: 28-31/7


Please note that all programs accept English speaking students.

For more information please visit our website, email: or call us at 210 331 0323
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