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What To Do In Athens With 5 Euro!

Athens is multi-faceted. This gives everyone, regardless of age, mindset, style or budget, the ability to fit in and experience unique moments. And anyway, doesn’t the saying go, the best moments in life are free? Well, let’s find out more about what one can do in Athens with only a five euro bill.

- Visit the Acropolis Museum

Ah, one of the finest architectural diamonds and best museums worldwide. You will be impressed, no matter how many times you visit. Over and over again, the feeling one gets is overwhelming – admiration and awe take over. With the exhibition area occupying 14,000 m2 and the exhibits numbering 4,000, it is understandable that one visit cannot cover all this beauty. There are always details waiting to be discovered. The light coming through the glass engages in a playful motion with the surfaces and the night casts a magical veil on the past and the dynamics of the space. You can only be taken aback by its everlasting splendor.

- Ride along the coastline

Athens Riviera: Faliro, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, it doesn’t matter where to – just climb on the tram or the bus line that takes you there and rush to the calling of the sea. Leave the madness of the city behind and relax by viewing the amazing Saronic Gulf. If the weather is appropriate, take a swim and lay on the beach with company, or with the company of a book. If the water is not yet warm enough, get lost in the endless horizon listening to your favorite mp3 music. Whatever the case, the ideal time to begin your ride is just before sunset.

- Eat ‘vromiko’ downtown

As the daylight evaporates, the canteens start getting their fast food ingredients ready. The smell of grilled meat takes over the surrounding streets and neighborhoods, capturing the people that move among them. The sandwich is called ‘vromiko’, which in Greek means ‘dirty’, because it is generously stuffed with full-fat ingredients that create delightful bites. The canteens are scattered in various downtown spots, but the most popular is in Mavili Square, where, after all-night partying, the night walkers gather to claim a tasteful epilogue to their fun.

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By Dionisis Stathakopoulos




Thursday, September 4, 2014