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Theodoriana Village is 82km north of Arta and is built at an altitude of 950m on the southeast side of Tzoumerka. The village is surrounded by forests and nearby, at an altitude of over 1100m, bare landscapes with awe-inspiring mountain peaks reaching the border to the villages situated at the foot of the massif of Tzoumerka. The name derives from the ancient Athamanian city "Theodoria", as shown by the finds of the location "Selio".

The high mountains with lots of snow and forests, such as Siamanta, Elatia, Perdikovrysi and Kapareli, make the region of Theodoriana the richest in water from all over the country. There are the famous waterfalls "SOUDA" of the River White Gura. Passing through a beautiful paved path between trees, visitors can see the amazing spectacle of the two waterfalls that drop water from 28 meters in height and volume 800 cubic meters per hour.

Points of interest is the Church of St. George, which features 17 magnificent domes and a very high steeple with three bells. It was built in 1880 by workmen of Pramanta, while inside it is decorated with carved wooden iconostasis of 1918 from Metsovo artisans.

Furthermore, the Monastery of the Virgin Birth, which was built in 1973 and, since the Turkish occupation, it functioned as a school. During the occupation it turned into a den of patriots, but also a rough surgery and hospitalization. The monastery is decorated with the old wooden temple of St. George, a sample of wood carving art, with carved walnut wood.

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Friday, December 19, 2014