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My Week in Athens… May 31

My mother is in Athens this week, visiting from Canada after an absence of many years. She is not Greek, but over the years has picked up the language, and many of the customs and ‘-isms’ of being in a bi-cultural family. Unfortunately (!) this doesn’t mean that she does my laundry, nor that she delivers food to my door, but it does mean that we grew up following many of the traditions and cultural norms of ‘being Greek’…

It’s really great to have her here. She has very interesting observations and comments about daily life in Athens, even after a couple days here.

“I forgot that it’s safer to walk on the street than on the sidewalk!”
“There sure are a lot of empty shop windows.”
“That old abandoned factory would be full of squatters in most other cities.”
“I love seeing people out for a walk with their kids.”
“Is that a rooster I hear??”

We’ve been sharing a lot of memories, with my extended family – the time when I refused to come out of the water at the beach, the time when we all went to Delphi, the summers we spent in the village, the time when the whole ‘expat’ family was here together, etc… My mother’s visit reminds me of simpler days, of a time when different things mattered, and everything seemed possible. Those days are certainly behind us – but maybe, like a circle, they’re somewhere up ahead…

Until next week…


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Tuesday, May 29, 2012