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My Week in Athens… Jun 21

Met some great people at the Hard Rock Café this week, with the XpatAthens folks. Nice way to spend an afternoon – and feel like you’re not in Athens for a while!

When I walked in, I must say I really felt like I was in Canada or the US – the look of the place, the uniforms of the staff, the smell of onion rings alone…

A bunch of people came out – few beers and chicken wings made this a decidedly ‘Hard Rock’ evening… At one point, 2 tour buses unloaded a group of Italian tourists into the bar - taking photos of the rock n’roll paraphernalia on the walls and buying ‘Hard Rock Athens’ souvenirs – I guess people still do this…!

Was really cool to chat and hear everyone’s story. There is great variety among us, of course – reasons why we’re here, reasons we choose to stay, our fave places, our joys and frustrations in this crazy city. What’s most amazing is that everyone I met has one thing in common: we are all making the best of being here. We actually want to be here – and our collective cup is half-full. At least, it was on Saturday!

Until next week…


Hard Rock Café Athens
18 Filellinon Street

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012