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My Week in Athens… Jul 19

This week was one of the hottest I have experienced in my life. Outside of trekking around southeast Asia or the Caribbean, I have never sweat more ‘at home’, anywhere…! I must admit I stayed indoors most of the week – even a trip to the beach was beyond me…
What does a person do to cope with heat? Well, if you’re like ‘some’ people that I know, you head for the nearest climate-controlled building facility – The Mall.

And what’s more, it’s a bonus when the need for climate-control corresponds to the start of Summer Sales. Yes, the sale season started this week – and judging by the numbers of cold-seeking shoppers at The Mall, retailers must have been quite happy. On the flipside, it seemed that day that most of the rest of Athens also had the same idea – The Mall was jam-packed!

With prices at 10-20-30-40% off (and more!), it’s a good time to pick-up some deals on everything your life is missing…

And if The Mall proves too crowded, an evening at an open-air cinema is a great way to wind down and enjoy(?) the heat…

Until next week…


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012