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'Gone' with Amanda Seyfried

Jill Conway is a young woman who lives in Portland with her sister, recovering alcoholic Molly. One year prior, Jill was kidnapped by a serial killer who abandoned her in a hole in the forest, where she found human remains. When her abductor descended into the hole to kill her, Jill was able to knock him unconscious with a bone and climb his rope and return to civilization. However, the police didn't find the hole and discovered that Jill had been committed to a psychiatric institution for several years after her parents' death.

When her sister disappears, Jill is convinced the serial killer who kidnapped her two years ago has returned, and she sets out to once again face her abductor.


Amanda Seyfried
Daniel Sunjata
Jennifer Carpenter
Sebastian Stan
Wes Bentley
Nick Searcy
Socratis Otto
Emily Wickersham
Joel David Moore
Katherine Moennig
Michael Paré
Sam Upton
Ted Rooney
Erin Carufel
Amy Lawhorn


Sunday, August 19, 2012