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'4ever' with Monica McShane

The movie (in English) is a dramatic thriller about a couple, an American woman and Greek man, whose life together turns upside down on a weekend away on a Greek island. It will be showing at Lais cinema (Iera Odos by Kerameiko metro) from the 31st of May to the 6th of June.
Katherine and Andreas, ambitious and bourgeois, have a successful architectural firm of their own and two young children. They travel to a Greek island for the weekend where they plan to close the biggest deal of their careers - the renovation of a luxury resort. With the idyllic surroundings and the top suite awaiting them, the scene is set for a perfect weekend.

On arrival Andreas soaks in the view whilst Katherine examines their business proposal. But something is amiss. A simple question about the design explodes into a 24 hour nightmare that pushes the couple beyond the comfort zone of their carefully constructed life.

When Andreas confesses he wants a divorce, Katherine is stunned, grasping for answers that will in no way satisfy her. As the night wears on, never before revealed truths about the couple's 15 years of marriage are divulged. Andreas turns nasty and Katherine is primed for a fight and vehement to convince Andreas to change his mind once and for all. Before long, he is tied to a chair and unconscious. Abuse is hurled and Katherine's thirst for revenge ends in a violent gesture of love and hate with Andreas unable to escape his ties.

By sunrise, the nightmare has ended. But has their marriage?


It will be showing at Lais cinema (Iera Odos by Kerameiko metro)


From the 31st May to the 6th June


Thursday, May 24, 2012