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Swedish Family Film to be Shot in Rhodes

A Swedish film for the whole family, featuring the small and most popular hero of Scandinavia, Sune, and based on the book of A. Jacobsson & S. Olsson, which will be screened throughout Scandinavia, in many countries of Asia and the world, will be shot entirely in Rhodes! After the great success it has experienced as a series of books that became bestsellers (over 3,000,000 copies in Scandinavia) followed by the television series, which also became a great success and now the movie is filmed, about the adventures of the little hero SUNE.

From the series of books, "Sunni in Greece" was chosen to be transported to the big screen. The film was scheduled to begin shooting on May 21 and to be completed late June. The shooting will last about 6 weeks and will highlight the island of Rhodes to the world! In the film will be mostly children.

The story is about a 10 year old boy from Sweden, Swinney Anderson, who goes on holiday with his parents in Greece.

Swinney is a normal boy ... except one thing: He really likes women! But just before starting for Greece, Swinney loses his talent. With such a problem, holidays can become a big failure! But in Greece he meets with stubborn Hendon. Their families start to hang out and she promises Swinney to help him regain his lost advantage. She tells him everything girls like!

It is a heartfelt comedy about a typical Swedish family who go on holiday for the first time after many years.


Author: TR
Saturday, May 26, 2012