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Need a ride into Athens? Find it via Twitter!

Anyone living in Athens can vouch for the difficulties experienced in getting around the city during the frequent 24hr strikes. A brief look at our own website, news agencies and the Twitter or Facebook pages of all Athenians would show that much of the conversation involved sharing strike information and frustration. On September 22nd we experienced yet another 24hr transportation strike and a new Twitter phenomenon was introduced: Anyone going into Athens or the suburbs by car was asked to "tweet" their planned route and available space in their car, so that those who needed a ride could get in touch and arrange to car pool into the city together. So instead of uselessly whistling for a taxi these days, all you seem to need is a... "tweet."

How to do it? When you tweet where you are going or need to go, add the hash tag  #carpoolgr


See here:!/search?q=%23carpoolgr

Even though many of the current tweets are in Greek, nothing is stopping Expats in Athens from tweeting their car space/request in English... you never know who else may be offering or looking for a ride!

Saturday, October 8, 2011