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English sing-song and story telling 6th October

ENGLISH SING-SONG & STORY-TELLING (trial run) on THURSDAY 6TH OCT 11-11.30am. At The Children’s Library, National Gardens, Athens. The event is primarily for toddlers but moms with babies are more than welcome. We are doing this trial run to see how it all works out with the librarian and if there are any minor changes to make, and if it’s a success we will have it every Thursday!

Welcome to Great Parenthood Greece!

We are parents wanting more out of the daily grind of parenthood. Without a doubt this is the most challenging yet rewarding job we have ever taken! This newsletter and website and those working on it wish we embrace great parenthood together.

Great Parenthood Greece - the Newsletter: bi-monthly; consists of personal experiences being shared and includes articles by experts (professionals in their fields), a mommy expert - what has worked for her in 18 years of motherhood, a daddy corner - the place to share the discoveries of being a father, recipes, child development issues, safety forum, useful gadgets, local events, jokes, a readers corner and more...

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Above all, remember that we are not alone in this grandiose adventure!

We are parents and Greece is where we are raising our children.

YADIRA - 44 year old with a 3 year old Greekarican boss. Greece is the 6th country she lives in. Thanks to her boss she is discovering more about love, patience, unexpected moments and the beauty of life. She has many dreams for her family and for parents in Greece. Everyday, she wants to be able to say -- I am a Great Parent.

VÉENA - She is an experienced child psychologist practicing her skills on her 3yr old sweet but demanding daughter while striving to get back to a successful career! She is networking with mothers in Greece, UK, and Japan, making sure her daughter shares all three cultures!

LAURA - Long time resident of Greece, mother of 4 girls, wishes to share her 18 years of experiences as a mother, master agenda handler, many times in control, dealing with it all and managing to enjoy every day and every child!

Monday, October 3, 2011