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All Fitness Corporate Wellness Programs

Want to boost your productivity and improve your overall health while at work? If work has always been an excuse to avoid exercise, if your working schedule is truly overloaded, if you lack motivation or simply feel worn out after a day at work, you no longer have to travel to the gym! Now, your fitness trainer comes directly to your office or place of business. Corporate wellness programs are the key to improving your physical fitness and mental health, as well as fighting stress and musculoskeletal problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise.
Employees save time, as they don’t have to travel from work to the gym, while exercise becomes part of a day at work. Colleagues also motivate each other to participate and not quit, while they are constantly inspired and supported by their All Fitness trainer.

What’s more, the cost can be divided amongst the participants, bringing down the cost for each individual which makes for a great deal: Both time and money saved!

Why not try Yoga or Pilates at work today? Whether you want to exercise before 9, after 5 or during lunch time, All Fitness personal trainers offer the most enjoyable and fulfilling corporate wellness programs that will make you feel brand new!

With workplace exercises based on Yoga and Pilates you will manage to:

• Relieve stress and strain
• Increase strength, stamina and flexibility
• Decrease blood pressure and improve circulation
• Get rid of back pains
• Control weight
• Enhance the way you look and feel
• Improve posture and balance

A mat, a bottle of water and comfortable clothing are all you need to start off with your new healthy habit!

Won’t it be exciting to be part of a fun working environment?

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Thursday, June 14, 2012