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Greek Necropolis Unearthed in Marseille

Marseille - one of the busiest ports on the Mediterranean Sea and France’s oldest city- was founded by Phocaean Greeks who fled Minor Asia and colonized it in 600 BC.
Yet, after Marseille sought protection from Julius Caesar, Greek relics were almost wiped away – until a week ago, when excavators made an unexpected discovery at the city’ s lazaretto (port) of Arenc : ancient tombs containing lavish and preserved-to-perfection Greek sarcophagi came to light.The archaeological team is said to have unearthed between six and eight separate tombs – one child’s sarcophagus and some ranging up to two metres in size.

Scientists stressed that this new finding will help them map out ancient Greek’s presence in Marseille. It is the first time an ancient necropolis is excavated right in the centre of the city- well preserved burials such as this are normally situated in the urban periphery.

Source: Greek New Agenda
Thursday, June 21, 2012