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Magemenos Avlos

Magemenos Avlos in Pangrati has been a special place since 1963 and Athenians of all ages have enjoyed the food and atmosphere over the years, whether in the warm interior during winter or in the cool garden in summer. Amongst others, famous composers, writers and actors have always preferred this restaurant for their meetings with friends, giving an aura of art and culture, to this renowned for its excellent cuisine locale. The menu includes the best of Greek plates and a selection of international plates, like fondue, filet with vegetables and cheese in wine, cheese crockets and tasty salads. Music adds to the entertainment in the evening, by a jazz trio or other musical groups.
Good food, elegant environment, stimulating conversation, have made this place so attractive over time.

Address: Amynta 4, Athens
Phone: 210 7223195


Thursday, July 5, 2012