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Ferries has teamed up with to offer you a most comprehensive Greek ferry booking service, working in close partnership with most of the major Greek ferry companies. It is much easier to book online, rather than going to an official information office, a travel agency, or the port authority. The advantage of using is that you only have one website address to remember, and that you can make cross-operating company bookings in one transaction. Please visit or click on the below banner. This will take you to the next stages of the booking process.

Greek Ferries

There is a myriad of ferry routes within Greece, serving the mainland and islands. There are also ferries from Italian ports (Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, Venice) to Greek ports. Most routes are served by more than one ferry company. More information on the various routes can be found by Clicking on ROUTES at the bottom of this page.

Through it is possible to get a ferry from Piraeus to over 30 destinations, including many of the Dodecanese, Peloponnese and Cyclades Islands and Crete, as well as ports in eastern Greece and Venice and Ancona in Italy. The ferry operators Aegean Speed Lines, Minoan Lines, ANEK Lines, Blue Star Ferries and LANE Lines all offer services from Piraeus' ferry port which can be booked with The ferry ports within Greece are listed with links to provide more information about each port. Click on PORTS at the bottom of this page.

There are dozens of shipping companies, each with its own schedule, which are regulated by the government. There are large ferry boats and also catamarans and hydrofoils, which are faster, but cost twice as much as regular ferries. First class usually means roomy air-conditioned cabins and a separate lounge. It often pays to compare companies and prices. Second class means smaller cabins, which you may have to share with strangers. Tourist class entitles you to a seat on the deck or in a lounge. Click on COMPANIES at the bottom of this page.