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Michala Petri & Lars Hannibal

Classical guitarist and lutenist Lars Hannibal and recorder player Michala Petri formed a duet in 1992 and since then they have given more than 1500 concerts worldwide, releasing several award-winning albums. During their long collaboration they have established a musical comprehension that is seldom heard. Petri is noted for her virtuosity across a wide range of styles, from baroque to contemporary works written especially for her. She has released 34 recordings and premiered dozens of works.

A notable collaboration was two albums of sonatas by J.S. Bach and G.F. Handel, with Keith Jarrett on harpsichord; she has also recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the English Chamber Orchestra, and many more.

Hannibal has given more than 1500 concerts with Duo Concertante (with violinist Kim Sjøgren), and Birth of Quartet (Hannibal, Sjøgren along with Palle Mikkeborg and Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen), establishing a concert concept where information, anecdotes and even jokes and humour were an integrated part of the performance.

Since 2004 Hannibal has been doing a lot of work with Chinese music and musicians. He formed the Ensemble Quartet-East meets West with Chen Yue, Michala Petri and Yan Jiang, playing new compositions by Chinese and European composers along with Chinese and European classical music, creating a new world of sound.

Michala Petri: Recorders
Lars Hannibal: Guitar


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)
Sonata in F-major for treble recorder and basso continuo

Partita in C-minor, BWV 1013 for treble recorder solo

Antonio Vivaldi (1679 – 1750)
Sonata in G-major for soprano recorder and basso continuo

Giuseppe Tartini (1692 – 1770)
Sonata in G-minor for treble, soprano and sopranino recorders and basso continuo (Devil`s Trill Sonata)


Joseph Küffner (1776 – 1856)
Potpourri sur des Airs Nationaux Français for recorder and guitar

Carl Scheindienst (ca. 1800)
Variationen on “Gestern Aben var Vetter Mikkel da” for recorder and guitar

Astor Piazzolla (1921 – 1992)
„Histoire du Tango“ for recorders and guitar
Bordel 1900 / Cafè 1930 / Night-Club 1960

Ancient Chinese Structure
Ge Xi Mei Ling for tenor recorder and guitar

Michala Petri (b. 1958)
Variations on a Danish folks tune
Mads Doss (solo recorder)

Edouard Lalo (1823 – 1892)
Fantaisie Norwégienne, for recorders and guitar


Onassis Cultural Centre - Upper Stage
107-109 Syngrou Avenue, 11745 Athens, Greece
Information/Tickets: 210 900 5 800,
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May 29, 2012 - 21:00



Source: Onassis Cultural Centre
Thursday, May 24, 2012