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Fine Greek Music Talents 2012

The 20th Sani Festival continues its section "Fine Greek Talents" showcasing the talents of younger, less well-known Greek performers, like the duet Opera Chaotique and the Ghost Notes Project, featuring Asklepios Zambetas, from the Trypes group, and an ensemble of exceptional musicians in a project to be staged for the first time at this year’s Sani Festival.

Opera Chaotique was formed in May 2011 by the opera singer and pianist Giorgos Tziouvaras (Tenorman) and the jazz-blues drummer Christos Koutsoyiannis (Voodoo Drummer). They have already given a series of successful concerts in Berlin, Barcelona, London, Athens and Belgrade (White Trash/Harlem Jazz Club/Half Note Jazz Club, etc.), and have collaborated with Jolly Jumper (NR), Louisiana Red, Bob Brozman, Blaine Reininger and Angela Brown (US). As the name suggests, the group is a chaotic musical collaboration, with influences from opera, jazz, cabaret, musicals and other genres, staging performances combining originality and humour. At the Sani Festival they will be presenting a mad comic opera combining, in three acts, Don Giovanni and Carmen, the Phantom of the Opera, Figaro, Charles Bukowski and Faust – all coming together in a tragicomic surrealist story. Also appearing: Nicole Kape (soprano) and Stavros Parginos (cello).


Asklipios Zambetas (guitar), Christos Tsaprazis (bass) and Giorgos Tolios (drums) came together in 2007, forming the core of a new group and experimenting with instrumental musical forms. The members of the group Trypes (Zambetas and Tolios) and Xylina Spathia (Tsaprazis) were soon developing a style that blended rock, funk and psychedelic, sometimes treading a fine line between jazz and ethnic. As their musical ideas matured, the first recording sessions were held at Rough Studios in Thessaloniki, where the three musicians were joined by a large number of friends and colleagues, each leaving his personal stamp on the final result: Evgenia Patika (piano, keyboards), Mihalis Vrettas (violin), Chrysanthos Christodoulou (synths, electronics), Stefanos Lazarinos (sax), Giorgos Avramidis (trumpet), Yiannis Marinos (trombone), Georgia Dagaki (Cretan lyre), Ilias Aifantis (keyboards) and Izabela Zambeta (vocals). As the recording sessions proceeded, the group began to assume its final form, being joined by new members Kostas Papachristos (trumpet, piano), a member of Skaribas, and Christos Trypsiani (synths, electronics). The group are currently completing the final recording mix in the studio, under the supervision of producer Christos Megas.


Until August 5, 2012
Opening Time: 21.30


Sani Hill, Chalkidiki
July 29: Opera Chaotique
August 5: Ghost Note Project

Admission 5 euro
Wednesday, August 1, 2012