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Euro Jazz Festival Technopolis Athens

The 12th edition of the festival will take place from May 23 to 27, 2012 - For twelve consecutive years, the European Jazz Festival in "Technopolis", Athens welcomes some of the most creative European musicians. Artists of the European Jazz scene and many promising young musicians will perform for the biggest jazz event of Athens. Entrance is free - Technopolis – Pireos 100 Gazi – Athens


Technopolis, Pireos 100, Gazi


May 23-27, 2012



MAY 23, 2012

21.00-22.00 - PICHLER BROS - Austria
Andreas and Matthias Pichler were born in Tyrol Austria. At an early age the brothers played trumpet and drums, until the twins decided to start a rock band, with Andreas drummer and Matthias bassplayer... After they graduated from university for Jazz and Improvised Music in Linz and Amsterdam, the twins moved to Berlin. The Brothers are collaborating with such artists as Wolfgang Muthspiel, Louise Jensen, Matthieu Michel, Christoph Dienz, Mark Feldman, Alegre Correa, Marc Copland, The Vienna "Jazzwerkstatt", Dominykas and Petras Vysniauskas; to name but a few. In October 2010 the twins won the 1st Prize at the international Double Bass Convention in Berlin (Jazz Competition).

22.00-23.00 - VIKTORIA TOLSTOY - Sweden
Viktoria Tolstoy is a highly celebrated and respected international jazz vocalist and her numerous success stories are all a product of this explosive natural supertalent. Viktoria has never taken a single singing class thus she also owns that little perfect difference that delivers her clearly strong and wonderfully untamed, vibrant sound. She'll capture the moment on any given occasion and will outperform herself from one grand evening to the next.

23.00-00.00 - MANU HERMIA TRIO - Belgium
Being an improviser, a composer and an explorer of world music, Manuel Hermia has developed personal projects simultaneously in several directions: jazz with his Quartet (The Spirit of the Valley, 1999 Rajazz Igloo, Igloo 2006), with the group Slang (Los Locos, Save the Chilis, It's on the way) and, on the Indian flute this time with "The Whisper of the Orient" (Igloo 2005, and Cristal / Harmonia Mundi, 2005).

MAY 24, 2012

Marios Takounis, piano – Gabriel Karapatakis, bass - David Lynch, sax – Zacharis Spiridakis Cretan lyra – Stelios Xidias, drums.

22.00-23.00 - YURI HONING WIRED PARADISE - Holland
Yuri Honing is probably Holland’s most important saxophoneplayer (according to Pinguin Guide to jazz on cd and the Oxford Introduction to jazz) with touring experience in more that 50 countries and a discography of almost 30 titles... Honing played and recorded with greats as Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden and Paul Bley.

23.00-00.00 - RICCARDO LUPPI’S MURE MURE - Italy

He is leader of his own quartet “Riccardo Luppi’s Mure Mure” featuring a new generation of young musicians from the Northern Europe. He also is the leader of a sextet: “The Duke Ellington Project”. He has a working Quintet, as well as a twelve piece ensemble performing his own compositions: “The Riccardo Luppi Ensemble”. He also collaborates in various duets and trios performing sets of free improvisation. Selected discography: As leader or band member or guest musician he has taken part in more than 60 recordings published by the best Italian jazz labels.

MAY 25, 2012

21.00-22.00 - MARTA SANCHEZ QUARTET – Spain
Marta Sanchez is a regular pianist on the jazz circuit of Madrid. Musicians with whom has has played include Bob Sands, Norman Hogue, Chema Sáiz, Israel Sandoval, Román Filiú, Ariel Bringuez, Talento Jazz Orquesta, Afrodisian Big Band, Santiago de la Muela, Doris Cales, Antonio Serrano, Eva Escot, Larry Martin, Natalia Calderón, and Pedro Ruy Blas, amongst others.

22.00-23.00 - BEVORT 3 – Denmark

The Danish jazz trio Bévort 3 (Pernille Bévort, saxophone and vocals; Peter Hansen, bass; Janus Templeton, drums) Plays with jazz standards and contemporary music, giving its own orchestrations of its own pieces, or even rearranging known pop songs with jazzy colors. In the foreground is the songwriter, singer and saxofonistria Pernille Bévort which until today has seven personal albums

23.00-00.00 - TUBIS TRIO - Poland

An acoustic trio in search of new directions within the framework of contemporary jazz, inspired by the music deriving from the renowned labels ECM (Tomasz Stanko) and ACT (Esbjörn Svensson). Taking this course, we create subtlety on the basis of the feeling of strong rhythm. A harmonic simplicity is contrasted with a modern perception of chords. Common melodic lines evolve into a jazz ostinato. Our goal was to create the music as it is, to extract beauty, and sometimes – joy, in their purest form. Our music is not forcibly complicated or “jazzed” – it is just as it flows from us. These words may seem threadbare, yet how hard it is to find such subtlety, such logic and such sensitivity in the turmoil of everyday life and of modern music…

MAY 26, 2012

21.00-22.00 - KRYSTOF MAREK, SARA BUKOVSKA – Czechoslovakia
Marek studied piano at the Jaroslav Ježka Conservatory in Prague. He has appeared with many leading music ensembles (Milan Svoboda's Kontraband, the black theater musical group Imaginativ, the contemporary classical music ensemble Agon, and Radio Big Band Praha; he was in Karel Gott‘s back-up band.

The pianist Sára Bukovská, born in 1977, is among the most respected pianists of the younger generation and most respected musicians in contemporary music scene of the Czech. Thanks to her exceptional artistic zeal and wide repertoire (classical music, opera, Shaanxi, jazz) she gives numerous concerts in the Czech Republic and abroad, mainly in Japan and Germany.

22.00-23.00 - MARIS BRIEZKALNS QUINTET – Latvia
Maris Briezkalns, drums - Intars Busulis, voice, trombone - Gints Paberzs, saxophone - Viktors Ritovs, piano - Andris Grunte, doublebass -
MBQ is today one of the leading and interesting small acoustic mainstream bands on Latvian jazz scene, streching special accents on pop – jazz and latin – jazz. MBQ has performed on several international stages - in MIDEM, Pori Jazz, Rigas Ritmi, Ottawa Jazz, Kaunas Jazz, Nomme Jazz, Jazz Kaar (St. Petersburg), Jazz at Castle (Prague), Toronto, Montreal, Ankara Jazz and Venice Jazz Festival.

23.00-00.00 - HARIS LAMBRAKIS QUARTET – Greece
The Harris Lambrakis Quartet was established in 2006 and has since appeared in major festivals in Greece and abroad. Centerpiece of the music is the modal jazz, and it is obvious influences from John Coltrane, the world music and improvised music. With references to the East, the quartet is inspired by jazz harmonies, rhythms and melodies that refer to the 1960s and 1970s.

MAY 27, 2012

21.00-22.00 - MARIA JOAO & MARIO LAGINHA PROJECT – Portugal
Maria Joao & Mario Laginha started to work together 25 years ago, and since then they engage in a unique musical involvement, performing hundreds of concerts in Portugal and abroad. Together they already presented several records of excellent quality: “Danças”; “Fábula”. “Cor”; “Lobos, Raposas e Coiotes”; “Chorinho Feliz”; “Mumadji”; “Undercovers” and “Tralha”.

22.00-23.00 - MICHEL PILZ & GEORG RUBY – Luxembourg
Probably one of the most recognizable jazz musicians in Europe today, tall and lanky Michel Pilz and his long bass-clarinet are a popular club and concert feature. Considered early on as a successor to the great Eric Dolphy, Michel has dedicated his career exclusively to the mastery of this extraordinary woodwind.The potential of music as a means of enhancing international understanding became clear to Michel with his first overseas experiences. He has consistently attempted to include local musicians in his international appearances, believing the promotion of such relationships to be a critical element in the musician's art.
Georg Ruby has rendered outstanding services to the German jazz scene in many ways - as co-founder of the Sadtgarten in Cologne, as manager of JazzHaus Musik and as conductor of junior big bands. It is sometimes unjustly overlooked that he furthermore belongs to the outstanding German jazz piano players. Ruby is especially convincing when it comes to the hardest test for the abilities of an improvising musician: the unaccompanied piano solo.

23.00-00.00 - ATHENS BIG BAND
The City of Athens Big Band is the municipality's broad jazz music ensemble comprising the four instrument families, namely saxophones, trumpets, trombones and rhythmic drums, often backed by string and other symphonic instruments.
Apart from Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman, major composers and soloists of the Big Band music genre include Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Stan Kenton, Glenn Miller, Woody Herman, Buddy Rich, Tommy Dorsey, Don Ellis and William Russo.
The City of Athens Big Band repertoire consists of historic compositions and orchestrations by the pioneers of the Big Band philosophy as well as modern, quality jazz works, oftentimes penned by Greek artists.
The City of Athens Big Band has appeared in all major venues and cultural festivals in Athens, Thessaloniki and regional Greece, including Thessaloniki Concert Hall, the Nafplion Festival, the Athens International Jazz Festival at Technopolis, the International Wind Instrument Seminar in Kalavryta, the American College, the Hellenic American Union, the Athens Conservatory, the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, the Arts Conservatory, etc.
Renowned maestros and composers of jazz and contemporary music have conducted the City of Athens Big Band, including William Russo and Don Owens. Meanwhile, distinguished Greek and international soloists, such as Rex Richardson, Vince De Martino, Mark Smith, Fred Hemke Jr, Yiannis Terezakis, Antonis Ladopoulos, Veronina Mortensen, George Kontrafouris, Philippas Poulimenos, Dimitra Fotopoulou, Thanassis Koulentianos and Thanassis Ioakimidis, have performed with the ensemble.

Thursday, May 24, 2012