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‘UP Greek Tourism’ Campaign

The ‘UP Greek Tourism’ campaign aims to promote Greek tourism abroad in two ways: directly, through the outdoor advertising campaign, and indirectly, through the word of mouth created through traditional and social media who will re-produce the campaign. Additionally it hopes to inspire Greeks to think of innovative personal initiatives to help the Greek economy, and also wants to demonstrate to the world that Greek people remain an innovative, resilient and hospitable nation.

The initiators of the campaign are planning to raise a minimum of 12,000 EUR and a maximum of 30,000 EUR. The first amount will be enough to fund a small billboard in New York City.

There are two ways to make the payment:

By credit card and through a platform specialized for donations called

By an existing PayPal account or creating a new PayPal account

Money will never reach the project organizers themselves. All funds will be collected via and then directly used to pay the media. All contributions remain a mere pledge until the campaign becomes fully funded.

Author: Fani Toli
Friday, February 17, 2012