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Papendreou: "very big and tough battle ahead"

Greek prime minister George Papandreou on Tuesday appealed for a sense of responsibility, calm and unity on the part of everyone, including the political parties, in light of the "rvey big and tough battle we are waging to lift the big weight that has fallen on the Greek people from the debt we inherited, and to lift their share of the burden and the responsibilities". In a brief statement before briefing President Karolos Papoulias on the recent EU and eurozone summits and a critical follow-up EU summit on Wednesday, Papandreou expressed hope that "we will reach decisions (Wednesday)", adding that "this is the determination of our partners, and ours as well", and noting that the discussion constantly returns to "the Greek, but also European, problem, to this crisis".amna
"Tomorrow (Wednesday) we want to be able to put an end, to turn the page, so that we, as Europe and as a country, can move forward," Papandreou added.

In statements to the press after the meeting, Papandreou said that finding a solution that is secure for the Greek citizens and lifting the immense burden his government inherited and which weighed on the backs of the Greek people is the dual national goal with which Greece would be heading to Wednesday's EU summit in Brussels.amna

Papandreou called on everyone to contribute to attaining the national targets, both regarding the outcome of the negotiations and the materialisation of the decisions that will be taken, and made special mention of banks that will be streamlined and which must contribute to investments in the real economy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011