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Papademos given overwhelming vote of confidence

Greece's new transitional unity government under Lucas Papademos obtained an overwhelming vote of confidence in 300-MP Parliament on Wednesday evening. Voting in favour were 255 deputies out of 293 present, while 38 voted against. The roll call vote came after a three-day debate in the wake of new Premier Papademos' policy statement. Papademos presented his policy statements on Monday afternoon. The transitional government is backed by the majority PASOK party, main opposition New Democracy (ND) party and the small right-of-centre Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) party. Most of the former PASOK government ministers and deputy ministers have remained at their posts, including Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos, while ND is participating with six members and LA.O.S with four. AMNA

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras stressed on Wednesday that the new government under Lucas Papademos is a "transitional government with a specific purpose,"speaking during a confidence debate in parliament that culminates Wednesday afternoon with a roll-call vote of confidence, and reiterated that the new transitional government "is not a co-governance" but "the product of necessity in order to restore the country's credibility internationally and avert default and its exit from the eurozone".amna

Speaking on the final day of a debate following new prime miniser Papademos' presentation of the policy statement of his coalition government, which is backed by former ruling PASOK party, main opposition ND and the Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) party, Samaras also remained firm on the timing of general elections, initially agreed by the backing parties as February 19, warning that "if anyone attempts to extend the tenure of this government, he will incite a social explosion".

"Everything is hanging by a thread," Samaras warned.

The ND leader further stressed that the decisions taken by parliament, and not personal declarations, are binding on the country.

Samaras also said that his party will vote in favor of all bills it agrees with and will vote against those it disagrees with.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011