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Hackers Invade Greek Accounting Office

Greek authorities and the electronic crime unit are vigilant of new cyber attacks after local supporters of the hacking group “Anonymous” have managed to break into the software and databases of the General Accounting Office of the country and several universities. According to information from a SecNews blog, the unidentified hackers launched an unprecedented massive cyber attack that resulted in the publication and online circulation of classified and personal data from government and university networks and sources.
The attack was launched a few days ago and the hackers sent a message to SecNews, in which they informed the public that they had gained access to the financial data of companies, the personal data of hundreds of Greek citizens and numerous other confidential archives from civil registers, universities and the General Accounting Office.

In particular, the Greek supporters of Anonymous have reportedly gained access to data concerning the civil register of Karditsa, the TEI of Kavala and the General Accounting Office of Greece. As far as the latter is concerned, all leaks came from the General Secretariat of Financial Policy, and from the General Department of Treasury and Budget and the General Department of Finance and Auditing.

In their message, the hackers denounced the electronic profiling of the people and protested against the impact state control can have on one’s life. “You are numbers to the state… but there are no misery indexes for the state” reads the message.

Author: Stella Tsolakidou
Tuesday, April 24, 2012