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Greeks Create World’s Biggest Flower Flag

The world’s biggest flower flag is Greek and was created by the inhabitants of Ovrya village in Achaia prefecture, Greece. The local culture association celebrated May Day with several events. In collaboration with the Municipality of Patras, they organized the 6th Flower Festival. At the Nteve Square of the village, the local association created the world’s biggest Greek flower flag, which is 15 square meters wide.

They needed more than 10,000 carnations and many hours of hard work to cover the area with blue and white flowers. Dance classes of the local community also participated in this year’s festival and performed on stage, while attendants had the opportunity to walk around the colorful Flower Show as well.

Additionally, there was also a painting contest for young and older residents of Ovrya village.

Source: Greek Reporter
Thursday, May 3, 2012