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Athens: Three Metro Stations Close Today

Athens metro stations 'Syntagma' and 'Acropolis' will close at 8:00am and metro station 'Evangelismos' at 9:00am today, March 24th 2012 due to the school students parade outside the Greek parliament, on the occasions of Greece’s Independence Day a day later. The police ordered the closure of the stations as ‘preventive measures in case of riots outbreak.’ The metro trains will pass through the stations but they won’t halt.The metro stations will be open to the public again when the police considers the danger of riots is over.

A similar measure is expected to be applied on the following day, March 25th, before and during the military parade. Especially the Syntagma metro station is expected to be closed, as the area will be “prohibited zone” for citizens.

Parades normally start at 11:00am

Source: Keep Talking Greece
Saturday, March 24, 2012