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Athens Gay Pride Weekend

“Love me, it’s free” is the slogan for the 8th Athens Pride festival, an annual event celebrating LBGT visibility and diversity, which takes place on Saturday in Klafthmonos Square. Athens Pride organisers chose this particular slogan in light of the current economic crisis, to stress that human values are priceless. Love costs nothing, they say, yet love unites communities. Moreover, it streses, the LBGT community wishes to be accepted and respected on an institutional as well as personal level.
Anyone, regardless of age, sexual orientation, and political persuasion are welcome to join the celebration. There are many entertainment acts lined up for the day, including musical and theatrical performances. There will also be a drag show.

One of the central events, a parade (kicks off at 6pm), will this year send out a strong statement against the rise of Golden Dawn, which overtly condemns homosexuality.

Organisers are also seeking to get the mainstream parties to reaffirm their previous committments to equality. They say that Pasok, despite its pre-2009 election commitment, took no initiative to promote same-sex civil partnership.

They also say that Syriza, Democratic Alliance and Democratic Left parties have remained silent on the platform for gay rights, although they previously claimed to support the cause.

Source: Ekathimerini
Saturday, June 9, 2012