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This Is A Poem, Visual Poetry Group 1981-2011

The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, Greece presents until September 2nd 2012 the exhibition ‘This is a poem, Visual Poetry Group 1981-2011’. The exhibition is part of a series of historical exhibitions presented by the Museum and aims at the historical examination of the artistic activity of the Visual Poetry Group. The group has been active in Greece from the beginning of the 80s until today. The work of the artists is understood through the historic framework of international quests of visual poetry which were developed in the 1960s and 1970s in Italy, France, England, Spain, the U.S.A., etc.
The exhibition will be presented in three different spaces and includes a nucleus of works, drawings, collage, paintings, books and installations, sculptures and audiovisual works, which expand over a period of 30 years in the presence of the group. Important poets, writers and artists participate in the group: Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Yiulia Gazetopoulou, Costis, Sophia Martinou, Michail Mitras, Kyrillos Sarris, Ersi Sotiropoulou, Natasha Hatzidaki, Thanasis Chondros and Alexandra Katsiani, Stathis Chrysicopoulos and Telemachos Chytiris. A common characteristic of the quest of the artists of the group is the intersection of poetry and painting in works where the boundaries between image and text become fluid and intersect.

Through questioning and the often playful use of language elements, the works of the group explore the boundaries of poetry, setting into focus the material dimension of the texts, but also the relations between language to communication conditions, the everyday and the city. SHORT TIMELINE OF THE GROUP In 1981 the first international exhibition of visual poetry was realized in Greece in Gallery 3, in which three artists of the group participated. In 1987 the exhibition of visual poetry was organized with artists from the Mediterranean titled Ulysses today in Gallery 3 and in 1988 the first exhibition of the group titled Fugein is also organized in Gallery 3, which "establishes the Greek group of artists that systematically deal with visual poetry".

The following years the group participates in various exhibitions and festivals, such as No man's land, Eleftherias Park: Arts Centre of the Municipality of Athens, 1990, Image-writtings, Hellenic American Union, 2003, Oίνος-Wine in the framework of Patras Cultural Capital, 2006 and Everyday life in the mirror, Technochoros, 2011.


Until September 2, 2012
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