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Jannis Kounellis' s Exhibition

World acclaimed artist, Jannis Kounellis exhibits a new and site-specific work at the Museum of Cycladic Art. It is the first solo exhibition in Greece after many years, housed at the Stathatos Mansion, the neoclassical wing of the Museum. The exhibition runs from 5 April to 30 September 2012. Jannis Kounellis, whose contribution to the international art movement of Arte Povera has been defining, left Greece very young to leave behind the trauma of the civil war. He now returns to create a work amidst the economic and social crisis that Greece is currently going through.
Kounellis's installation can only be a response to this turmoil, as he puts it, “at this particular moment it would be impossible to have just an exhibition of art in Greece”.

For his exhibition at the Museum of Cycladic Art, Kounellis uses materials found in the local Athenian markets and junkyards. These objects carry the history of the place, of a city that has been through endless changes of populations, ideologies, and levels of prosperity and in the last few years some very extreme changes. Kounellis uses newspapers, coal, burlap sacks, old shoes and glasses, overcoats, soil and iron bars for this pieces, which are spread in the spaces of the neoclassical building.

The same objects carry personal memories and they can be symbols of desires and hope but also of failed dreams and aspirations. In Kounellis’s work the personal history and the history of the place, the city, are equally important. The black overcoats that appear repeatedly in his work can represent the artist, the viewer, but also the ‘little guy’, Chaplin’s tramp of our times, who gets trampled over while societies change. The works might reflect current problems but as always in Kounellis’s works, even though the objects have their own history, they are incorporated in his installations in such a way that in the end they become universal, ancient and modern.


Museum of Cycladic Art
4 Neophytou Douka St, 10674 Athens


5 April to 30 September 2012

Standard entrance fee
(except for Monday) € 7

Reduced entrance fees
- seniors (over 65) € 3,5
- students, 19-26 years old € 3,5
- groups of 15 or more € 5 (each)

Monday entrance fee € 3,5

Free admission
- kids and young persons under 18
- visitors with disabilities and their companion
- members of the MCA
- archaeologists
- archaeology and art history students
- members of ICOM - ICOMOS
- journalists
- qualified guides
- teachers accompanying school-classes participating in educational programmes
- parents accompanying their kids for the Saturday’s programme


Monday, April 23, 2012