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Greek Cultural Week on the island of Andros 29/7-3/8/2012

Imagine: sun, crystal clear waters, delicious food, top notch activities for all the family… And all this on a Greek island of captivating beauty, Andros, in Cyclades. What more could you ask for from a holiday?!

organizes this summer, from 29/7 up to 3/8/2012, a Greek Cultural Week full of action! The carefully designed activities will give you and your family the opportunity to get away from the humdrum of everyday life, to spend quality time together, to meet people from all around the world and learn new skills:

Greek Cooking Lessons: Traditional Greek food is considered one of the healthiest in the world! Give your family and friends the chance to adopt healthier dietary habits by learning step by step how to prepare delicious full Greek meals.. During the cooking sessions, you will prepare a great variety of Greek dishes, using only the freshest and finest ingredients. When food is ready, you can enjoy it in a friendly, informal atmosphere, while tasting the local wine! With the written recipes and notes in your suitcase, you can then impress your family and friends back home! ‘Kali oreksi!’ (‘Enjoy your meal!’ in Greek)

Greek Dancing Lessons: After a full Greek meal, you will need to burn some calories! Greek dances can do miracles! A great cardio exercise that will refresh your body, soul and mind. Don’t worry if you cannot follow the steps with precision. That’s not the point! The point is to enjoy yourself! Great fun is guaranteed! Anyone between 8 and 80 is welcome to participate. OMILO teaches you various dances from the islands as well as the mainland. You will also receive a CD with the dancing music to bring ‘kefi’ (‘high spirits’ in Greek) back home.

Painting Lessons: You adore painting and you have always desired to be able to paint nicely but you feel like you lack talent? It’s time to reconsider! We all have a little Picasso inside of us! We just need an expert to teach us the appropriate techniques in simple comprehensible steps. That’s the goal of our painting lessons! Painting outside, overlooking the sea and mountains will give you all the inspiration you need! No experience is required. Classes are also recommended for children as painting helps them to explore their artistic side and develop their imagination.

Greek Private Lessons: If you regularly visit Greece and you either would like to communicate with the locals in everyday situations or you already speak Greek and wish to deepen your knowledge of the language, OMILO offers you the option of private lessons: learn at your own pace and study the topics that interest you the most. The price is the same either for 1 or 2 people, so share the classes with your husband / wife or a friend!

Whatever activity you are interested in, we promise you an unforgettable week of action, creativity and – above all – great fun!

• OMILO has been offering classes of Greek language and culture to foreigners since 1996. For more information, visit: or email us:
• For more information on the activities, visit:
• Please note that only children aged 8 and above can participate in the activities. For dances and cooking an adult should accompany them. No babysitting services available.
Wednesday, May 23, 2012