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Cultural Cycling Tour: We Run For Monuments

MOnuMENTA, in the framework of its actions to protect and enhance architectural heritage, has organized, in collaboration with George Amyras, the Polis team of Atenistas, and the Railway Friends Association, a Cultural Cycling Route on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 5:45 pm. The aim is to start "running" for the monuments of our city, Athens. Athens is an open-air museum of architecture. Buildings of different periods are waiting to be discovered, visited and protected. How will this happen? With the bicycle. It is time to use this environmentally friendly means of transport to see buildings of the city that we miss looking at when walking.
We begin from Syntagma Square, close to the current tram lines and, following the old and the future development of the tram, cross Panepistimiou Avenue. First stop is in front of the Academy of Athens to discover the buildings that are located opposite the Athens Trilogy (the Serpieri, Rallis and General Accounting Office Mansions). Our next stop is Pesmazoglou Street. From a strict neoclassicism L. Kaftatzoglou (Arsakeio Girls) passes the eclecticism of A. Metaxas (Palace of the Ionian Bank) and the combination of neorationalism with the Athenian neoclassicism of N. Valsamakis (Credit Bank Palace). We continue on Sophocleous Street and once we reach Piraeus street, stop at the height of Koumoundourou (Freedom) square, where we will talk about the buildings that surround it (IKA building , Municipal Nursery, St. George Temple, Chatzikonsta Orphanage).

We cross Ag. Asomaton Street, the next stop being on Asomaton square in Thissio where we will focus our interests on buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries, leaving for another tour the ancient and Byzantine monuments. Then we cross Ag. Pavlos street, making a stop at Ciné Thission, built in 1930. Finally, we end up on Dionysius Areopagite street, our last stop before the finish, to see the building by architect Vasilis Kouremenos and the New Acropolis Museum. Our tour ends at Makriyannis Street where the old tram lines are visible. There a surprise awaits us. Members of the Railway Friends Association will be waiting for us to try a ride on a railroad bike, an original and environmentally friendly means of transportation, sport and recreation.

Here is the cyclist's decalogue prepared by George Amyras for our cultural cycling tour.

1. Cycle with head held high, enjoying the tour of MOnuMENTA.
2. Always wear a helmet.
3. Follow the rules of the Highway code.
4. Respect pedestrians and drivers and keep aggression for the gym.
5. Have inflated tires and well adjusted brakes and gears.
6. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
7. Maintain a constant speed, avoid overtaking and zig-zaging.
8. Do not compete with other cyclists.
9. Give priority to the safety of children.
10. Show solidarity with other cyclists and help in an emergency.

Meeting Point: National Archaeological Museum
Itinerary: Syntagma – Panepistimiou – Pesmazoglou – Sofokleous – Pireos – Ag. Asomaton – Thisio - Ap. Pavlou – D. Aeropagitou – Makrygianni
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Equipment: bike, helmet, water, camera.

Info: 6973308857, 210 3316770

Monday, May 28, 2012