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Chained: Material Quests

The exhibition is one of a series of small exhibitions by Greek and foreign artists (at the cutting edge of the Applied Arts) entitled Material Quests. The exhibition entitled “Chained” is a journey through time that links Liana Pattihis’ jewellery with the linear designs of traditional Greek attire. Liana Pattihis was born on Cyprus and has lived in London since 1980. After training as an interior designer, she studied jewellery design at Middlesex University. Transcending the boundaries of what can be done with enamel, Liana Pattihi has developed a new, innovative technique of applying enamel on a mobile item, such as a chain.
Her work consists mainly of brooches and necklaces made of silver or gold chains, or chains fixed on a copper web which is enamelled. Using this technique, her work is spontaneous and unique.

From the time it opened, the Benaki Museum Shop at the Pireos Street Annexe has been linked with the presence of a large number of distinguished representatives of the applied arts and crafts in Greece, offering them a hospitable and constantly renewed home. Over six years of operation, these artists have made proposals that, in many instances, have abolished the boundaries between utilitarian decorative object and art object that does not have any essential use. In order to highlight these creations, the Shop environs will initiate a series of small exhibitions by Greek and foreign artists (innovators in the field of Applied Arts), entitled Material Quests.


At the Benaki Museum Shop
138 Pireos Street


Until May 27 2012


Monday, May 14, 2012