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Annual Kifissia Flower Show

Come spring, various botanical shows take place all over Greece. The Kifissia Flower Show in northern Athens is the most spectacular and longest-running. The show is home to over 50 different species of flowers, from roses to dahlias. Although the majority of exhibitors are from Attica, there are producers from regional Greece too, mainly from Volos and Thebes. Scores of flower growers take part, together with the likes of the Embassy of the Netherlands, the Vienna University Botanical Garden, the Balkan Botanical Garden in Kilkis and the Stavroupoli Botanical Garden.
Numerous stands offer advice on how to transform your home, garden or veranda into a floral paradise, and the show also features gardening books, pots, pesticides and a programme of informative and entertaining events.


Every day until May 13, 2012


Kifissia Park

In Kifissia, a northern suburb of Athens, accessible via Athens Metro, entrance right outside Kifissia Train Station.

For info call 210 628 9000.
Friday, May 11, 2012