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5th Deaf European Football Champions League

On April 27-30, Athens and the POK (Panathlitikos Deaf Association) are hosting the 5th European Deaf Football Championship (Deaf Champions League), with the support of EDSO (European Federation). The games will be held at the training center "Apilion" in Koropi.
After being involved in the last two tournaments, with courage and love for sports and football, the Panathlitikos Deaf Association has undertaken the organization of the tournament. The tournament will be the envy of many Greek Super League groups and its primary aim is enjoying the sport of soccer!

With three wins and two defeats, POK occupied fifth position in the previous European Championship one year ago in Karlsruhe (in the playoffs by beating the German host team 1-0); while in Madrid in 2010 POK occupied third place losing in the semifinal 2-0 to the Spanish in Castellón and then winning the small final 2-1.

The Groups

The 5th Champions League for the Deaf will be held with the participation of seven top European teams: The British St John DFC London, the Spanish champions CDS Huelva, the champions Sweden IK Hephata Stockholm, the Danish champions DAN Odense, the champions Norway Oslo Dove SK, the champions France ESS Virty Paris, as well as the third group of the French championship CSSM Paris.

The Program

The final phase draw (three associations will form groups of three) of the competition will be held Friday April 27, and the matches on the weekend of April 28-30. The event will close with a big party on Monday, April 30 at the seaside club “Akrotiri”.

Some History About the Event

London hosted the first tournament in August of 2008, where the winning team was from Aarhus in Denmark. In Stuttgart in 2009, it was the Spanish Castellón’s turn, and Madrid in 2010. Last year in Karlsruhe, team Arsenal St. John from England prevailed. The first recorded Greek presence was in 2009 with AOK in sixth position, while POK was third and fifth in the next two events, respectively. Last year in Karlsruhe, team Patras had also participated, finishing in eighth position.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012