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European Youth Card

The European Youth Card is available in 37 European countries and gives card-holders -people between the ages 13 and 30- the opportunity to benefit from special discounts and privileges, in goods and services, choosing from a long list of contracting companies in the sectors of culture, entertainment, tourism, shopping and education.

In Greece, the European Youth Card already counts several museums, galleries, restaurants, cafes and stores among its associates. The General Secretariat for Youth, responsible for promoting the card in Greece, has invited the members of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, to sign up to the European Youth Card’s discount catalogue.

Most of the 9,600 members have expressed interest in participating in the programme, and many have already entered into an agreement. This way, five million card holders will be able to profit from discounts in an extended network of hotels and camping sites in Greece.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012