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Become a Farmer

Recent initiatives have provided city dwellers with their own plots or gardens to grow vegetables for house consumption. But, as one may lack the time or aptitude for gardening, but nevertheless desire fresh vegetables from one’s own vegetable plot, a website offers even the busiest city dweller with the chance to be a (virtual) farmer by hiring the services of a personal farmer.

The website, appropriately called Be A Farmer (Gineagrotis in Greek), features a three-step process to get fresh, home-grown vegetables on your table straight from the PC screen.

First, aspiring virtual farmers choose the piece of land they want to cultivate, through a list of cooperating farmers. Second, they choose the type and quantity of vegetables they want to grow. Third, they get weekly deliveries of their kitchen plot crop directly to their home for one year.The initiative links consumers with young organic vegetable farmers in Greece. The site provides a virtual tour of one’s vegetable plot, as well as regular communication with the contract farmer on the growing process and the crop.

Thursday, May 3, 2012