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Athens Software Co. Wins Investment

An Athens-based software development company AbZorba Games announced that it has secured a six-figure investment from a British benefactor. Investor Lawrence Howe defied the current perception of Greece’s investment climate, acknowledging the Greek company’s strategy, growth model and achievements, and decided to proceed with its funding.

Young Greeks are increasingly proving their skills and creativity can attract global attention and investment, laying the foundations for economic recovery. Greece’s romance with risk and gambling has also proved fortunate for AbZorba Games, which develops live multiplayer casino applications for mobile Android and iOS platforms and has achieved marked success since its recent founding in September 2011. This most popular category of mobile gaming is attracting high volumes of investor interest.

An affiliate of mVision Network Solutions, AbZorba Games is part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem Virtual Trip which was established in 2000 at the Scientific and Technological Park of Crete and is made up of 14 companies in the ICT sector. With presence in Heraklion, Athens, San Francisco, New York, Akron, Madrid and Brussels, Virtual Trip currently employs 60 people and has a consolidated turnover of 11 million euro.

Co-founder and CEO of AbZorba Games Andrew Hughes, stated that: “We are very excited because funding will give AbZorba Games the ability to implement its growth and development while at the same time creating a significant number of jobs in Greece.”

Dimitris Tsigos, founder and CEO of Virtual Trip as well as the President of the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (YES) stated that: “Our mission is to create dynamic companies that are competitive in the global market utilizing Greek talent. Connecting with international investors brings new possibilities in this direction.”

Source: V Trip Group
Thursday, May 17, 2012